Karen Balbier

Mrs. Balbier

Karen Balbier

Elementary Instructional Technology Specialist

Cooley Elementary                                            Herrera Elementary
Johnson Elementary                                          Mesita Elementary         
Polk Elementary                                                Rivera Elementary
Roberts Elementary

I'm passionate about the student use of technology to create and learn in the classroom.  I believe that technology is an important part of 21st Century Learning.

I'm driven by the excitement technology brings to learning.  Most believe that I grew up with technology. That is a myth. I didn't grow up with a keyboard in my hand. I actually bought my first computer when I was in college. At that time, I only knew how to turn it on, type a research paper, and go to the University's Website to check email.  I didn't have internet at home and only accessed it when I was at school.

The value of technology didn't dawn on me until I became a classroom teacher. I began to participate in Technology Learning Month in our District. Each year, I learned more effective ways to reach my students. They loved using technology in the classroom. 

My patience in working with anyone that feels uncomfortable with technology comes from personal experience. That scared feeling turns into excitement when you just tinker and learn.  I spent 6 years in the classroom teaching 4th Grade and 1/2 a year as a technology integration teacher for K-5.  I've been an Instructional Technology Specialist  with EPISD since 2009.